Princess Century Plots An Alien Invasion On “Rendezvous”

Austra’s Maya Postepski branches out with a new solo EP.

March 08, 2016

Maya Postepski's been building to "Rendezvous." The lead single from her new EP as Princess Century ditches the outright pop structures of her work with Toronto bands like TRUST and Austra, in favor of almost six minutes of gleaming, playful, unapologetically retro techno. It's more brutalist than the songs on Progress, Postepski's October full-length, and meticulously executes camp—the aggressive repetition and two minute build, the haywire synthesizers, the intoxicating four-on-the-floor—without falling into into cheese. Even if it does make you feel like the star of an '80s thriller.

"Rendezvous is a gluey old school synth jam that could be the soundtrack for an alien space invasion," Postepski writes in an e-mail to The FADER. "Prepare to have your brains turned inside out."


The EP drops on March 25 on Paper Bag Records. Stream the track below.

Princess Century Plots An Alien Invasion On “Rendezvous”