Yellow Shoots Brings Emotions Full Circle On “Stormy Weather”

“When you’re caught in stormy weather, you can’t seem to love again.”

March 08, 2016

Philadelphia bred musician, Yellow Shoots reconciles with loss on "Stormy Weather." Coming from a singer who says he can see the colors of sounds, this song is full of somber misty grays and blues. He sings through his post-breakup thoughts and comes to terms with a whirlwind of realizations.

Yellow Shoots told The FADER in an email, "'Stormy Weather' is about a person losing a relationship or separating ties with someone. It talks about how one doesn’t actually feel the depths or significance at the time they lose a relationship."


He continued, "I tried to demonstrate that I often get hit with that wave of "loss" at an unexpected time, which is often triggered by an unexpected event. Life is odd and awkward for a bit and all of a sudden you get smacked in the face with everything that’s missing, everything you had before."

Take a listen below

Yellow Shoots Brings Emotions Full Circle On “Stormy Weather”