Listen To 18-Year-Old Producer Geotheory’s Jazzy “Gran Turismo (Prologue)”

If your life was a video game, you’d want Geotheory to produce the music.

March 09, 2016

Hailing from New York, 18-year-old producer Geotheory captures everything you love about video game soundtracks in his new track, "Gran Turismo (Prologue)." It sounds like it was produced in your favorite childhood arcade: it's all types of jazzy with heavy percussion and a backdrop of steady rain. Geotheory produced the track for an upcoming compilation entitled Pomo Presents: Tempo Dreams Vol. 4 out March 25th via Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz. It'll feature brand new music hand-picked by Canadian producer Pomo, who also contributes a brand new track to the project.

As the name of the track might give away, Geotheory was feeling reminiscent about the music that characterized the games of his youth. "I was inspired at the time by playing old video games like Midnight Club, Super Monkey Ball, Modern Warfare 2, and ​Gran Turismo," he told The FADER over email. "The soundtracks added to the gameplay experience to me and was a big part of the nostalgia. After playing these for a while I was inspired to make my own jazzy rendition of an older game."


You can pre-order Promo Presents: Tempo Dreams Vol. 4 here.

Listen To 18-Year-Old Producer Geotheory’s Jazzy “Gran Turismo (Prologue)”