Oneohtrix Point Never Decodes “Sticky Drama” For Song Exploder

From synth choice to themes, Daniel Lopatin explains what went into the Garden Of Delete track.

Photographer Leonard Greco
March 10, 2016
Oneohtrix Point Never Decodes “Sticky Drama” For <i>Song Exploder</i>

Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never recently appeared on Song Exploder, a podcast where musicians take apart one of their songs and explain the what, how, and why for everything that went into that track. OPN chose “Sticky Drama,” a track from his excellent album Garden Of Delete, and told listeners how the “cybergrunge” sausage is made.


Lopatin says the song is a “psycho-scribble, like the way a little kid will psychotically draw in his notebook and it'll have this livewire vibe to it.” To that end, he “conflated really aggressive music with really sugary pop textures.” We also learn a heap about how and why he used the various vocal effects and synths on the song, as well as where the title originated (a reference to ejaculating for the first time).

The podcast ends with Lopatin giving a keen summary of his work as Oneohtrix Point Never. “To me what I'm doing is a bit closer to what a science-fiction writer does. My job as a science-fiction music is to speculate on these imaginary modes of music that don't exist yet.”

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Oneohtrix Point Never Decodes “Sticky Drama” For Song Exploder