Tunji Ige Announces New Project, Shares “War”

Missed Calls drops April 1.

March 10, 2016

That new new Tunji Ige has been whispering about has finally begun to take shape. Today, the former-co-ed rapper announces his new project, titled Missed Calls, which is slated to drop on April Fools Day.

"Over the past year or so after getting a foot in to the door with a mixtape I made from 17 to 19, I've seen a lot," wrote Tunji in a reflection on the project sent via email to The FADER. He has left school, he has toured around the world, and collaborated with idols, all while "trying to fathom and responsibly accept the new role I have in life." So, "we had options to put gas on the fire but instead we decided to really sit down and not chase hype and develop something that can stand the test of time there was alot that I wanted to make sure I understood prior before pressing that button."


Today Ige kicks off the campaign for Missed Calls with the release of "War," an ambient, uplifting, forward-leaning genre mash produced by Noah Breakfast. Or as Ige explained,"is what I want music in the future to feel like, no genre just good music. The lyrics are hip hop, the chords are house, the hook is R&B." Most of all, it's really, really lovely.

Listen to "War" below, and mark your calendars for the release of Missed Calls on April 1.

Tunji Ige Announces New Project, Shares “War”