Get Ready For Festival Season With Bobby Brackins’ “Indigo”

Brackins serves up a “super chill” track.

March 14, 2016

"'Indigo' is one of those hippy-ass songs that's cool," Bobby Brackins explains to The FADER in an email. "It's not like the typical radio hit that I write which has a certain format and feel. Normally, the hit songs that I write have an arpeggiated melody, they're super catchy, very synth heavy, normally have a repetitive hook. The hook on 'Indigo' is just abstract, the song is based on a mood or feeling. The mood is super chill and vibey."


Still, "chill and vibey" for Brackins involves plenty of energy: I might have to fuck around, go stupid, he sings. Where'd the roof go? I removed it. "This song embodies being carefree," he notes, suggesting the track is appropriate for the run-up to festival season. "Feeling liberated. Feeling positive and optimistic."

Brackins is working on an EP trilogy; the first installment is titled To Live For. Listen to "Indigo" below.

Get Ready For Festival Season With Bobby Brackins’ “Indigo”