Here Is A Nigerian Remix Of "Panda"

BILS gives Desiigner’s hit song a pan-African flip.

March 14, 2016

BILS' remix of "Panda"—the Desiigner track that earned the Brooklyn rapper a prime spot on Kanye's The Life of Pablo and a record deal with G.O.O.D. Music—starts with a sample from a hilarious Nigerian comedy that went viral last year: "This is not my real face ooohhh," says a schoolgirl finessing her way out of being reported to the headmistress by a fellow student. And then, before launching into what he describes as the "afrotrap" song, BILS congratulates Davido for his recent FADER cover. "Nigeria is winning right now. Fuck it, Africa is winning right now," he proclaims.

The refix stays faithful to the original "Panda," but BILS upgrades it with a flow that switches between English and Yoruba. Though he's a self-described "Lagos boy"—the song is peppered with references to local party spots like Quilox and Club 57—BILS shouts out East and Southern Africa, too. A Swahili phrase here, a reference to South Africa's national team there. It's all love.

Here Is A Nigerian Remix Of "Panda"