Dreamville Records Offers To Send Free Merch To Protestor At Donald Trump Rally

The protester was wearing a Dreamville shirt when he got subdued by the Secret Service.

March 14, 2016

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Donald Trump rallies have become increasingly violent. On Friday, an event was cancelled in Chicago. The day after, in Dayton, Ohio, a protester was tackled by members of the Secret Service when he tried to make his way onto stage.


In an interview with CNN, that protester, Thomas DiMassimo, explained his actions to CNN. "Donald Trump is a bully; he is nothing more than that... He's willing to destroy this country for himself... I was thinking that I could get up on stage and take his podium away from him and take his mic away from him and send a message to all people out in the country... that we can be strong, that we can find our strength and we can stand up against Donald Trump and against this new wave he's ushering in of truly just violent white supremacist ideas." Trump accused DiMassimo of having ties to ISIS.

When he made his move, DiMassimo happened to be wearing a shirt from J. Cole's Dreamville Records. According to his Twitter account, this valuable piece of clothing suffered at the hands of the Secret Service: "they ripped it and I'm so salty bout it," he wrote. "I got it at Cole['s] first Dollar and Dream tour when he performed in ATL."

This tweet later came to the attention of Ibrahim Hamad, who founded Dreamville along with Cole. Hamad replied to DiMassimo's tweet: "All good bro we'll send you a box of Dreamville gear on us," he wrote. "Be safe out there."

Check out the Tweet below.

Dreamville Records Offers To Send Free Merch To Protestor At Donald Trump Rally