Listen To Empress Of’s “Woman Is A Word”

“One word can have so much social implication.”

March 14, 2016

Empress Of released Me on September 11, 2015. Almost exactly 6 months later, she shared "Woman Is A Word," a brisk piece of synth pop that has echoes of the triplet rhythms popular in the late '80s.


Empress Of explained the inspiration behind the song in an interview with Jezebel. "Sometimes as a songwriter and a human, I feel very restricted by words," she noted. "One word can have so much social implication, standard, limitation, qualification that it doesn't give a person their own opportunity to really choose their identity. I wrote 'Woman Is A Word' at a time when I felt like the word 'woman' put me in a box of things I was capable to do, things that defined me that didn't necessarily define me."

Yesterday she wrote on Twitter, "I'm putting a new song out tomorrow and am so excited & nervous & happy." Listen below.

Listen To Empress Of’s “Woman Is A Word”