Section Boyz Team Up With Carnage On “BIMMA”

“Section Boyz killing it.”

Photographer Francesca Allen
March 15, 2016

“Every buzz starts off local” Section Boyz’s Sleeks told The FADER earlier this year. “So we’re planting seeds in every city right now. When we were in school, Littlez use to say that U.K. music was going to buss in America and all these places, and now it’s happening. We’re just one little state so we have to scream a bit louder, but it looks like our screams have been heard.”


Their screams made it all the way to Beats 1 Radio, where Zane Lowe debuted “BIMMA,” the group’s new collaboration with Carnage. “That is claustrophobic,” Lowe declared approvingly after the song blared through his speakers earlier today. “Section Boyz killing it… that’s your 808 processed through ‘digusting sub’ template.” On Twitter, Carnage dubbed "BIMMA" "the hardest song of 2016."

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Section Boyz Team Up With Carnage On “BIMMA”