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Synthetic ID Channel Neuroses On “Ciphers”

A new song from the S.F. punk band’s new album Impulses, out this April.

March 15, 2016

We have a San Francisco punk band in our midst! They are called Synthetic ID, and they rip. Impulses, their new full length album (which follows up a string of EPs) was recorded in the length of one sweaty July day in S.F., and is set for release on April 22 via Castle Face Records.

"Ciphers," which premieres today, is a track full of neuroses. The masterful, trance-inducing guitars and chants might actually hypnotize you if the song was a little farther away, and a little less manic. Instead, it's all up in your face with its aggressive anxiety. Good luck escaping.


"[Ciphers is] a song that started out with one bass note repeated over and over that developed into a post punk kaleidoscope of minimalist dystopian beach side tech babylon sounds," Synthetic ID's Paul Lucich wrote to The FADER in an email. "Radiophonic music from a robot fashion show curated by D Boon and Brian Eno. A song that captures every emotion experienced by these courageous Bay Area musicians.”

Stream "Ciphers" below and preorder Impulses here.


1. Blind Spots
2. The Shape Is Drawn
3. The Caged Brain
4. Replacement Parts
5. A False Awakening
6. Note for Note
7. Is The Day Done
8. Ciphers
9. Changing Frequencies
10. Silhouettes
11. Forced Exhalations
12. An Interpose
13. I See Patterns

Synthetic ID Channel Neuroses On “Ciphers”