Listen To All Saints’ New Single “One Woman Man”

It’s about “not willing to give up love easily.”

March 18, 2016

U.K. girl group All Saints were known in the 1990s for having a bit more grit than their peers—see the laid-back, brooding vibe of their massive singles "Pure Shores" and "Black Coffee." That's why a 2016 comeback, where it might feel like an odd fit for some '90s chart-toppers, looks so good on them: their music has always been pop with a mature, sleek edge, and brand new single "One Woman Man" is no different.


With marching percussion and rich strings, it's a little more anthemic than their typical fare, but "One Woman Man" has all the trademarks of an All Saints banger, from the low-register, breathy verses to the searing lyrics. "'One Woman Man’ is about not willing to give up losing Iove easily to someone else," Shaznay Lewis told The FADER over email, adding: "And trying to convince your parter to let the other person go." Listen above, and look out for Red Flag on April 8.


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Listen To All Saints’ New Single “One Woman Man”