Listen To Ramriddlz’s Venis EP

The Canadian singer unveils his not-so-subtly named new project.

March 18, 2016

For his latest project, the not-subtly titled Venis EP, Ramriddlz conceptualizes a new astronomical body: a planet named Venis where "estrogen is the natural source of energy." The Canadian singer might not have a complete grasp of female biology but, as ever, he knows how to craft sly, tongue-in-cheek songs perfect for late summer nights.

Across Venis' nine tracks, with help from longtime producer Jaegen, Ram continues to pull inspiration from the well of one of his favorite genres: dancehall. On songs like "Bodmon," "Call Me," and "Tek Off," he sticks with the light, buzzing island riddims that have characterized much of his output thus far. Also present on Venis are the sticky melodies and blunt witticisms—i.e. deranged sexual metaphors and euphemisms—that have become his calling card.


"When you listen to my music, it takes you to a different space," Ramriddlz told The FADER. "Venis is the planet where all you do is dance and play with babes." Never change, Ram.

Listen To Ramriddlz’s Venis EP