25 Reasons Tina Knowles Lawson Is The Queen Of Instagram

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March 18, 2016

Tina Knowles Lawson totally debunks the myth that parents don’t know how to do Instagram. The mother of Beyoncé and Solange has always been a striking and poised figure when in the spotlight, but in 2015, she started sharing the rest of her life with us on the 'gram. Not only are her photos and videos of good quality, but her caption skills are impeccable; she's candid and often times hilarious. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of Ms. Lawson’s Instagram is the happiness that she exudes at this point in her life—she constantly surrounded by loving friends, her family, beautiful scenery and, of course, her handsome husband, Richard Lawson. Her sense of humor, positive energy, and flawless selfies make her page a social media treasure.

Here we breakdown what makes @MsTinaLawson’s Instagram so great.


1. Ms. Lawson always shows her girlfriends so much love.

Me and my girls 4 of the Ocean Club

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While sharing tidbits of her life, Ms. Lawson’s always surrounded by a loving circle of friends. The social butterfly started off her Instagram account with pictures of her hanging with the various ladies of her crew. In addition to her bffs Angie and Monica, Ms. Lawson can been seen in her photos out and about with friends at places like belated birthday dinners, France, and the beach.

2. She also loves connecting with other moms in the industry.

The fabulous Ms Braxton and me at the Mega Fest. See where those girls got it from!!!

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As a mother to two of entertainment’s most talented and influential women Solange and Beyoncé, Mama Tina knows a thing or two about what it cultivate magic and greatness in daughters. At a Dallas gospel concert, she posed with another classy and fiery lady, Evelyn Braxton, the mother of the four Braxton sisters. They look so good!

3. She welcomed Kris Jenner into the "sexy sixties."

These two ladies have a few things in common: their son-in-laws, Kanye West and Jay-Z are best friends; their family empires are have been built by strong circles of women; and they’re continuously flourishing with age. Posed cheek-to-cheek, the two capture the moment dressed as flossy flappers in crystals and furs.

4. Her beauty always looks flawless, even in off-guard candids.

Thinking should I really say something or just let it slide hmmmmm

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It wouldn't be a Ms. Tina Lawson glam shot without a hilariously candid caption to match.

5. And she did not come here to play.

What did she just say?

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She's never not perched and ready.

6. Even in a hospital, she's still a baddie.

During a night out an award ceremony with her husband, Richard, Ms. Lawson had an asthma attack and had to spend some time in the hospital. She posted this stunning selfie from her hospital room to keep us in the loop.

7. Thankfully, she made a speedy recovery, fully glowed up.

Happy Day!! Getting out of Hospital on my way to airport to go home Thanks for the prayers!!!!

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Blessings on blessings.

8. And despite what she thinks, there's no such a thing as a bad hair day for Ms. Lawson.

Help Nakia Please !!!!!! a blow dryer and a flat iron guick and in a hurry !!

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With her hair in its big and beautiful natural state, she might be sending an SOS to her friend Nakia but she's still serving unfiltered glam.

9. With her curls on frizz, she quotes Beyoncé to share another raw beauty moment.

"I woke up like this" my curls from yesterday are replaced with frizz! Yikes

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Of course she still gives face.

10. Speaking of Beyoncé, Mama Tina loves to 'gram her baby girls.

My sweet girl❤️

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While on vacation in the Dominican Republic, Beyoncé plants a sweet one on her mama's cheek.

11. In fact, she's never not thinking about them.

I'm on B Street.

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We're right there with you, Ms. Lawson.

12. And there's always time for a little mom promo.

Happy Super Bowl day hopefully Beyoncé will slay!!😀

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Ms. Lawson gathered around a nice fireside with some friends and family to gear up for Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance. In this adorable video, Mama Tina gets us all excited for the slay that was to come from her daughter at halftime.

13. She never lets us forget that Solange is her youngest baby girl, though.

My beautiful youngest baby girl,Solange and me at Kellys Party. She looks twelve on this photo❤️

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At Kelly Rowland's most recent birthday party, Ms. Lawson jumped in the photo booth with a few members of her family to capture some of the moments with her loved ones. Here, Solange leans on her mom's shoulder and looks like a little girl again.

14. Like Solange, she really loves art.

Me and my baby girl sharing our passion for art!!

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As a former cosmetologist and clothing designer, it makes sense that Ms. Lawson has a passion for aesthetics. It seems she's passed down that love for the arts to her children as Beyoncé has used her photography to showcase pieces like the Mona Lisa, while Solange continues to pioneer innovative concepts and apparel for Puma. Here, her and her youngest daughter stop for a rad flick in front of a big display.

15. Here's a hilarious #tbt of the two.

Hey !! What you waiting on Take the damn picture😄 Colines wedding!

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You heard her!

16. Ms Tina shows plenty of love for her step-daughter Bianca Lawson, too.

Our beautiful girl, Bianca Lawson, ❤️

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After she got re-married to her husband Richard Lawson in 2015, Mama Tina inherited his daughter, 36 year-old actress Bianca Lawson. She has quite a few photos on her page of her step-daughter and it seems like the two have formed quite a special bond.

17. And it's clear that she loves Kelly Rowland like she birthed her.

I am soo blessed to have all my beautiful girls in my life, and of course my awesome grandchildren!

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Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé met when they were just little girls, right before the two began their singing career together as the members of the group Girl Tyme. Kelly spent a lot of time at the Knowles house and the girls grew up very close together—which made Kelly like a sister to Beyoncé and Solange, and a daughter to Ms. Lawson. The two have remained very close throughout the years and she's often pictured with Mama Tina along with her adorable baby boy, Titan.

18. She'll take any chance to show her support.

My babys on the cover of Parents Magazine! Soo beautiful!

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And sooo cute!

19. You better believe she loves being a grandma.

We all love us some Blue Ivy Carter. Beyoncé and Jay-Z's four-year old seems to have gotten some of her spark and pizazz not only from her legendary parents, but also from her glam-ma who she's matching red lipsticks with in this photo that Ms. Lawson posted for her granddaughter's birthday.

20. Julez impressed her with his nae nae.

H town like a boss!

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Over the years, Solange has shared some of funny and beautiful moments from her 11 year-old son Julez's childhood. We got a sneak peek of his love for dancing when the mother and son performed a whole routine to Rae Sremmurd's "No Flex Zone" at her wedding reception last year. Then just last fall, his grandmother posted a cute video of him doing the nae nae and repping Houston hard in true Knowles family style.

21. But it's her loving husband Richard that sweeps her off her feet on the regular.

Watching a beautiful sunset. One of God's many gifts to us.

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The two wed in 2015 and, from the looks of it, Ms. Tina hasn't stop beaming since. Richard, who affectionately calls her "boo," is an actor and a longtime friend who has blossomed into her lifetime companion. Heartwarmingly, they radiate with love in all of the photos that she shares on her Instagram page.

22. She knows her man is fine and doesn't hesitate to say it.

At Richard's 50th high school reunion. He 's still sexy as ever!!!!!

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23. They go everywhere together, even Costco.

You know you can have brunch free at Costco on Saturday Mornings with all the free samples . HaHa

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The two lovebirds did some shopping and munched on samples at one of her favorite stores late last year.

24. Everyday's a baecation with Richard.

Bout that island life😄

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Life is good.

25. We love Tina's big heart, but we're here for her other side too ;)

I'm sweet but I can turn into a tiger!

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25 Reasons Tina Knowles Lawson Is The Queen Of Instagram