Help This Filmmaker Tackle The Stigma Around The Word “Feminist”

U.K.-based director Vanessa Pellegrin is asking why only 19% of British people identify with the F-word.

March 21, 2016

In 2013, a YouGov poll in the U.K found that only 19% of people would identify themselves as feminists, while 81% believe that men and women should have equal rights. The discrepancy between those who are willing to embrace the values of feminism and those who will actually label themselves "feminist" is alarming—and U.K.-based filmmaker Vanessa Pellegrin wants to find out how the situation came to be.


Pellegrin has begun filming with activist Lucy Anne Holmes and TV presenter Nick Lancaster for a documentary entitled The Trouble With The F Word, which sets out to discover whether the problem lies with modern feminism itself, or a lack of understanding of the movement. The documentary sees feminist Holmes meet with various anti-feminist groups, while anti-feminist Lancaster participates in feminist action, to push both into uncomfortable territory and confront their beliefs about "the F word."

The film is currently in production, and there are only seven days left to get the project completely funded via Kickstarter. Learn more about The Trouble With The F-Word here.

Help This Filmmaker Tackle The Stigma Around The Word “Feminist”