FADER Mix: Moderat

Gentle motion makes a big impression on this therapeutic mix from Modeselektor and Apparat.

March 22, 2016

Moderat—the portmanteau pairing of Berlin electronic duo Modeselektor and solo artist Apparat—is seven years and three albums deep into its collaboration, and it shows in the maturity of their new record, III (out April 1 via Monkeytown/Mute.) Tracks like "Reminder" build an impactful kinetic energy with restraint rather than excess. Fittingly, the group's FADER Mix is a masterclass in gentle motion. Featuring music by celebrated composer Laurie Spiegel and Wolfgang Voigt's ambient project Gas, it celebrates the smallest of gestures that allow the mind to glide. Even when the tempo ups, it maintains a sense of equilibrium. Dive in below, and scroll down for a brief yet illuminating chat with Moderat’s Gernot Bronsert.


Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings.


We are on the airplane on our way from London to Berlin, occupying the entire first row. We want to get home as fast as possible. Apparently one passenger’s suitcase didn’t fit in the overhead compartments beacause it was way too big which led to a pretty heavy discussion between the owner of the luggage and a flight attendant. You can still kind of feel the vibe...

Tell us a bit about this mix—what do you imagine people doing while listening to it?

This mix fits any situation—when you're climbing a mountain, during a long car drive at night, when you run, or before you go out. We think it’s the perfect mix to give birth to.

What has doing Moderat together taught you about collaboration?

We’ve learned to respect and be humble. You have to learn to let things go even though you don’t want to and that friendship is bigger than money. Music is like a language that’s really difficult to learn, which is exhausting sometimes.

What are you most proud of on III?

We are happy and proud that III is really close to what we think Moderat is and could be.

What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you and why?

The last book I read was the manual for a Mercedes Benz W116 450SEL (1977). Old limousines and the simpleness of their technology really fascinate me.

What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it?

Haha, I would say coffee now because this is our staple food but we were asked the same question in another interview so I’m taking it seriously this time: I think I can cook a pretty decent vegetable stew. That might sound boring but simple dishes are difficult to cook. Treat my vegetable stew like this mix: it fits any occasion.


Laurie Spiegel - Clockworks
Thomas Brinkmann-Indigoblau
Gas - Pop 2
L.F.O. - Goodnight Vienna
Loscil - Home
Shadowlust - Iris
ADMX-71 - My Theme Song
Len Faki - Kraft und Licht
Moderat - Fondle
Visiona - Nausicaa
Kamikaze Space - Cel
Voiski - Wax Fashion
Answer Code Request - Calm Down
Claro Intellecto - Peace of Mind

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FADER Mix: Moderat