Sing Along To Glass Gang’s “Outside Your Love”

The Brooklyn trio returns after nearly two years of laying low.

March 22, 2016

Glass Gang have mostly laid low since the release of their 2014 mixtape Lower, but it seems that the Brooklyn trio is now readying to resurface, thanks in part to an enlightening karaoke party.

"We went to a karaoke birthday party in Chinatown and no one was singing any songs that'd come out in the last 10 years," wrote Glass Gang in an email to The FADER. "We met up the next day, threw out everything we were writing for our first album and started writing songs that you can sing along to."


A recent session with Sonny Diperri (Animal Collective, Warpaint, M83) yielded two such song, and today they have shared the one of them: "Outside Your Love," a swelling rock anthem that is paced by an electronic stomp and fueled by conflicted feelings. So, turn the volume up, and don't be shy about leaning in when you sing along: I dream of a life before, I'll never leave/I dream of a life before.

Sing Along To Glass Gang’s “Outside Your Love”