GNUČČI And Tami T’s “Ultimate Syndrome” Is As Addictive As Your Crush

Technicolor pop from the Swedish rapper and Berlin-based artist.

March 22, 2016

If you've ever been so keen to please someone else that you've exhausted yourself, Swedish rapper GNUČČI and Berlin-based, sweet-voiced singer/producer Tami T know how you feel. Their collaboration "Ultimate Syndrome," taken from GNUČČI's upcoming debut album, matches the MC's deadpan-yet-flirty flow with Tami's pastel pop sound and earnest lyricism. The result is a glittering synth whirlwind of pathological promises like: I'll bake the cake, eat it too, do the dishes too.

"The collaboration between Tami and I started with Tami asking me for help," GNUČČI told The FADER over email. "Which is sweet considering it ended with 'Ultimate Syndrome,' a song about looking for help. The song is a self-made Balkan babe with extreme good girl syndrome, always tryna do the most, be the caps lock HOST, which causes sleep deprivation and a people-pleasing-psychosis."


Tami elaborated: "From the first time we met, GNUČČI acted like a big sister, giving me some much-needed advice and sharing her experiences. Despite having very different musical expressions, our collaboration evolved in a most natural way, resulting in a song both sweet and thoughtfully sincere." Listen to "Ultimate Syndrome" below.

GNUČČI And Tami T’s “Ultimate Syndrome” Is As Addictive As Your Crush