Looks Like Young Thug Has A New Best Friend: Elton John

Update: Thug went to Elton John’s Atlanta residence to preview a new song called “Rocket Man” for the man himself.

March 23, 2016

Adding fuel to the rumor that they might be up to something, Young Thug shared a photo on Wednesday afternoon of himself posed with none less than Sir Elton John himself. In the photo—originally shared on his Instagram, which is currently set to private, but captured in a screenshot above—the Rocket Man is wearing a gold and black adidas track suit and a YSL Apparel "THUGGER" hat, and a grin.

A handful of Thug's closest associates, including 300 Entertainment co-founder Todd Moscowitz, his manager Amina Diop, and producer Wheezy, have also shared photos of the encounter on social media.


Reached by phone on Wednesday afternoon, Moscowitz said that the two connected in Atlanta this morning because they are fans of one another, but did not elaborate on the nature of their meeting.

Here's to hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful—and fruitful—best friendship.

That just happened @eltonjohn @thuggerthugger1 @missinfo

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Update 3/23/2016 2:45 p.m.: Young Thug's manager Amina Diop details the "iconic" encounter.

Amina Diop—Young Thug's manager and the mastermind behind his meeting with Sir Elton John—told The FADER this afternoon that Thug visited John's Atlanta residence this morning to preview a song called "Rocket Man" with the man himself. According to Diop, the Elton John "inspired" song will not be featured on Slime Season 3 (which drops this Friday, March 25—a.k.a. Elton John's birthday) and does not currently have a release date.

All in all, the meeting "was iconic," per Diop. "It was like meeting royalty—literally."


"Elton John is super humble and he's a real music lover, so it was dope to see him communicate his appreciation for new generation of music," she said, adding that John told Thug he has "a great voice."

Looks Like Young Thug Has A New Best Friend: Elton John