Luke Bell Cries Honky Tonk Tears On “Sometimes”

The first track off his forthcoming self-titled album.

March 23, 2016

Luke Bell is a country singer of seriously old timey tradition. He was born in Wyoming, where he grew up working on a ranch, dropped out of school to make music, and now he's in Nashville, the country music capital of the world. And that's not all—his music sounds like you could have heard it in the same honky tonk Hank Williams used to play (with the exception of a little profanity). "Sometimes," the first single off Bell's new self-titled album, is a two-step worthy tune about the mixed feelings he has about leaving his girl behind. So now I sit alone, but mostly I don't mind/ except every now and then at closin’ time/ there's a sweet memory/ at the bottom of my glass, he croons with his old soul voice, transporting you straight to the stool next to him at the whiskey joint. Makes you wanna wipe those honky tonk tears off his face.

"I wrote this song a few years ago about the mixed feelings a person has when they leave something behind before they've decided whether it's the right thing to do or not," Bell told The FADER over email. "At the time I was living down in Texas and havin' a ball of a time with good friends at places like The Hole in the Wall, The Broken Spoke and The White Horse, but grew restless and hit the road. I had it half-written and sang it in the studio just foolin' around—the band thought it was a blast to jam on so I finished it and we cut it in just a few takes if I remember right. It's a straight forward Bakersfield style Honky-Tonk-punk-rock-two-steppin-long-legged thoroughbred; nothin' fancy, just fun."


Listen to "Sometimes" below.

Luke Bell Cries Honky Tonk Tears On “Sometimes”