Listen To The Sun Days' First Full-Length In Its Entirety

Eight comfortingly familiar tracks from the Swedish indie-pop act.

March 23, 2016

Contradiction lies at the heart of The Sun Days—a band whose name is, maybe regrettably, only one space-bar tap away from a similarly jangly, well-known English pop group. On a pristine debut full-length, Album, the Gothenburg five-piece wraps anxiety and heartache in deliberately cheerful packages, as if they're balancing the weight of the world on a single, sunny riff.

Across eight solid songs, they work with a familiar-feeling palette that hits all the right pleasure points: C86 melodies, soda-shop grooves, the towering romance of early Paramore. For all its lyrical bleakness—one track opens Can you keep a secret? I tried to kill myself last nightAlbum actually offers comfort. It sounds really nice on literal Sundays, when the inevitability of the impending week hits like a rush of blood to your (probably hungover) head.


"Album is a simple record," the band told The FADER in an email. "Each song embodies a single feeling and a few thoughts about that feeling. Every track is pretty much basic pop with most of the energy going into experimental details which make the record a bit more interesting." Stream Album below; it's out Friday, March 25 via top-of-their-game Boston label Run For Cover.

Listen To The Sun Days' First Full-Length In Its Entirety