Dej Loaf Shares “Off The Top”

“Nas in Belly, nigga’that's my mooooove.”

March 25, 2016

Look Bae, I'm Ready when you are! ✨💛👑

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Where is Dej Loaf's animated movie? Her starring role as a walking talking fur coat is long overdue, something her new track “Off The Top” makes abundantly clear. She's as unbendable on the track as ever, but the twinkling melody from Buddha Bless's beat could have been sampled from a Pixar movie. Maybe the climactic scene where the coat definitively ethers all the unfaithful men and women (coats) in her life. Then learns how to process grief. Listen to “Off The Top” below via Live Mixtapes.

Dej Loaf Shares “Off The Top”