ERAS and Grace Hall Team Up For Mystic Video “Angels”

“I felt like I was dying and being reborn.”

March 25, 2016

Nathaniel Eras, better known as simply ERAS, is the L.A.-based electronic producer who creates futuristic remixes for a number of renowned artists (The Weeknd and Chelsea Wolf, to name a few). He is joined by singer Grace Hall of Skin Town on, "Angels," the lead-single off his upcoming record Purified.


Layering bubbling synths over hasty, syncopated drum beats, Eras creates a soothing, otherworldly soundscapes for Hall's voice to take a life of its own. And in the accompanying video, which premieres today on The FADER, she chants Dying and It's really dark outside hypnotically as hazy, dim images of a man performing dancing and ritual magic flicker by. After disappearing into a cloud of black, that man emerges as a new woman.

"'Angels' is about the journey of healing and transformation, embracing ones own darkness in order to merge with light and truth," ERAS told The FADER in an email. "It was so dark, I couldn't see anything except the stars and the person that was in front of me," Hall added. "I felt like I was dying and being reborn."

ERAS' full-length record Purified will be out May 27th via Track Number Records.

ERAS and Grace Hall Team Up For Mystic Video “Angels”