Glassio Gets Galactic In “Try Much Harder” Video

The duo inspires imagination as they take a subway ride into purple space.

March 28, 2016


As they sit on a Brooklyn train in metallic space suits, Glassio journeys into an interstellar underground in their new video for "Try Much Harder." Surrounded by floating 3D pyramids in their purple galaxy, the duo explores the dreamworld to the beat of this electro jam. The video inspires the urge to explore and create imaginative adventures out of our daily rituals.

Over an email with The FADER, Glassio explained the inspiration for the video come from everyday subway rides. "We were taking the train late one night and noticed how the lights in the tunnel that were flashing by reminded of us of stars," said Sam of Glassio. "The idea of a subway train and a loophole to space quickly jumped to mind and we knew we wanted that to be a music video,"

Glassio's other member Charlie said, "We wanted to bring some life to a very dull part of New York life— the MTA subway. This was our chance to let our imaginations fly off the tracks. The song is about feeling trapped, and it was important that the music video could offer a colorful escape."

Watch the video above.

Glassio Gets Galactic In “Try Much Harder” Video