Moelogo’s Ìréti EP Is An Afropop Dream

The British-Nigerian artist drops his sophomore project.

March 28, 2016

Spring is finally on the horizon, which means the Heinekens are icy and the hookah is lit. And Moelogo's Ìréti EP, a five-track project blending classic afropop with dancehall grooves and R&B and hip-hop influences, is arriving perfectly on time. Recorded in collaboration with producer P2J, the EP anchors floating, sticky melodies with the kind of buoyant percussion and gut-wrenching bass that'll make you buss a wine wherever you are. The opening track in particular, "Plenty Plenty," sounds like a frozen drink gripped tight at an outdoor party. The project gets its title from the Yoruba word for "hope"—a sentiment you can hear all over the final song "Ireti," a triumphant power ballad done Naija-style.

"This Ìréti EP is all about hope—having faith, not believing in failure and just having a positive outlook on life, despite whatever reality you're faced with," Moelogo explained to The FADER over email. "This EP really means a lot to me; I hope it shows the growth in my artistry, and maturity as a man representing my British culture and African heritage."


Hit play below and wind your waist at your godforsaken desk.

Moelogo’s Ìréti EP Is An Afropop Dream