Philly’s Psychic Teens Premieres The Heavy, Soaring “End”

The final track from the forthcoming NERVE, out May 13 on SRA Records.

March 28, 2016

Philly's Psychic Teens are set to release their third full length LP NERVE—a pummeling blend of post-punk and shoegaze to follow up their 2013 LP COME—on May 13 via SRA Records. Today, Psychic Teens is sharing the record's closer, a heavy, soaring track called "End."

"Sometimes it takes takes a few months to get one of our songs written and ready, but in the case of 'End,' it really came together in a matter of a just few tries," guitarist and vocalist Larry Ragone wrote to The FADER in an email. "Ironically, it was the first song written for NERVE, but serves as a grandiose finale to the record. Lyrically it deals with finding comfort in isolation.”


Listen to "End" below, preorder the 7” single here, and the NERVE LP here.

Philly’s Psychic Teens Premieres The Heavy, Soaring “End”