Exhale All Your Worries With Nadia Nair’s Carefree Single “Blow”

From the Stockholm singer-songwriter’s debut album.

March 29, 2016

Nadia Nair is the latest in a wave of dope singer-songwriters to emerge from Sweden, with a knack for power ballads not unlike that of fellow Stockholm dweller Seinabo Sey. With her debut album Beautiful Poetry due for release on April 29 (via her own label, Naboobia Records), today Nair is sharing her third single "Blow": a bright, tabla-driven anthem made for dancefloor epiphanies.

As Nadia Nair explained to The FADER over email, there's a couple different ways the smoky lyrics can be interpreted: "Either that you are high and just want to smoke with your lover and blow out all the bad hurt in life—or that smoke is symbolically something that is cleansing and purifying and thus gives space for more life.


"I wanted to try and write to someone else, because I was tired of being consumed by my own thoughts and up in myself and my own writing all the time. When it started feeling sexy, that's when I realized it was my song." Listen below.

Exhale All Your Worries With Nadia Nair’s Carefree Single “Blow”