D.R.A.M. Remixes Missy Elliott’s 1999 “Hot Boyz”

16 years later, the Timbaland production sounds brand new.

March 30, 2016

Missy Elliott is such an incredible artist, and it gets more apparent the further we move from her incredible run of albums beginning in the nineties to mid-2000's. Take the track "Hot Boyz," for example. If the Hype Williams-directed video isn't enough to immediately pique your interest, the effortlessly cool production, and the free feeling, bar for bar flows cornering this track have an aura of modernity to them. Basically, this track, whose remix features Eve, Nas, and Lil' Mo would sound as good tonight at the spot as it did when it came out a millennium ago.


So it's no surprise rising Virginia artist D.R.A.M. would hop on this Timbaland beat 16 years after release. Although the 27 year old was in middle school when Missy Misdemeanor put out her platinum album Da Real World, elements from this track still carries now, especially with a falsetto contribution from D.R.A.M. at the hook, and the soulful crooning, as he sings, "fucked your friend at the Airbnb, so you can keep it G."

Listen to "Don't Let D.R.A.M. Be A Hot Boy" below. And check out his contributions to the new SBTRKT project here.

D.R.A.M. Remixes Missy Elliott’s 1999 “Hot Boyz”