Stream Amrit’s Lies EP

The Downtown New York DJ steps out of the booth.

April 04, 2016

Earlier this year, Amrit—a prominent Downtown New York DJ who hails from Perth, Australia—emerged from behind the booth with the release of her first single, a bubblegum-dipped but fierce kiss off called "Lies." Today, she is premiering a five-track EP that takes its title from that lead single.

Amrit recorded her Lies EP with producer Sene (of Brooklyn R&B duo Denitia and Sene) in her cacophonous Chinatown sublet last summer. "We would drink, smoke on my balcony, and make song after song," she wrote in an email to The FADER. "We used this shitty broken apogee that was held together by duct tape, and would have to pause recording takes because sometimes the street noise would be so crazy. After a couple of months it got to the point where we had a whole project, so then were like we fuck it, let's do this."


"Putting out a project is a vulnerable process," she added. "I'm used to hiding behind my decks in a DJ booth, it's been a new experience for me, being in front of things."

Listen to Amrit's Lies EP below.

Stream Amrit’s Lies EP