YG And Nipsey Hussle’s “FDT” Video Shoot Reportedly Shut Down By Police

“We was all in a peaceful FUCK DONALD TRUMP mood.”

April 04, 2016

Yesterday YG took to Instagram to announce a video shoot for his new, politically charged single with Nipsey Hussle, "FDT." "'Fuck Donald Trump' video alert," the rapper declared. "Meet me on motherfucking Melrose and Fairfax; it’s going down. 1:30. Pull up. We start shooting 1:30 sharp."


According to TMZ and a number of Instagram videos, the shoot was eventually brought to a halt by heavily armed police. TMZ reports that roughly 100 people answered YG's open call, and that the LAPD didn't know the event was a video shoots, so they showed up in riot gear. One Instagram user described the police presence: "First they pulled out tasers, then pistols, then SHOTGUNS. Not sure any of that was necessary, but my nigga @nipseyhussle executed like a professional. Hands up. We was all in a peaceful FUCK DONALD TRUMP mood. No rioting, no fighting, we were together. I guess expressing political views with togetherness requires police to pull out shotguns."

Check out video from the event below. In one clip, a car appears to knock over a bystander, who then climbs back to his feet, seemingly unharmed.

A representative for YG declined to comment about the incident.