Zan Over-Loves In “Blending” Video

If the’e's a word for more than loving, I wish I knew of it.

April 05, 2016

Zan is a Queens-born, Florida-raised crooner with Rastafarian roots and an admiration of '50s and '60s soul stars his parents introduced him to. He confesses I over love it, I over love it on his heart-rendering (and libido-driven) debut single "Blending." His delivery is free and easy, much like the song's Jon B.-sampling production.


In the new video for "Blending," which premieres today on The FADER, he tangles with the woman whom he over-loves in bed, all the while having a big grin. It's cute, and casual in a way that feels real; check it out above. Directed by KeithCharlesSpaceBar and After The Smoke.

Zan Over-Loves In “Blending” Video