Nashville Crew NAWAS Premieres “So Low”

The introspective track is equal parts soulful, smooth, and spiritual.

April 07, 2016

Nashville-via-Louisiana crew NAWAS' new song is a soulful track about the confusion of questioning your beliefs. "So Low," premiering below, is beautifully produced with smooth beats and an R&B-esque tempo. The direct, contemplative lyrics are delivered in a bewitchingly androgynous falsetto: You had me so low/ I'm getting high now/ Oh I'm going so low/ To free my mind now.

Though NAWAS is not necessarily a religious project, the group says "So Low" confronts elements of spirituality. "'So Low' is a song about discovering life on a higher plan of existence," the band told FADER via email. "It's about noticing that along with the good a whole lot of evil was created, and it's about questioning God's reason for doing that." Hit play below.

Nashville Crew NAWAS Premieres “So Low”