J’Von Animates A Love Gone Awry In “Seattle Girl”

“Love is war, war is perpetual.”

April 11, 2016

Earlier this week I got an email from a music artist by the name of J’Von.


“To be as concise as possible, my name is J'Von. I make music and cartoons.”

Fair enough.

The result of our brief but enlightening conversation lead me to his brand new music video, “Seattle Girl,” which was written, recorded, and animated by J’Von himself.

The Seattle native is not shy about exposing his feelings to his audience. “Seattle Girl” describes a love that’s gone so awry that J’Von feels as though his voice isn’t (and will likely never) be heard.

“Love is war, war is perpetual, and we all dedicate songs to people who will perhaps never listen to them,” he explained to The FADER. “I thought it'd be cool to make something that speaks to that feeling as a creator with a muse amiss. It's pretty chill.”

J’Von Animates A Love Gone Awry In “Seattle Girl”