New Jersey’s Own Sunny Gang Premieres “Party/Animal”

The debut album out April 19th, is a dope and skillful blend of all things punk-rock and rap.

April 11, 2016

The punk and rap gods have united in the most harmonious of fashions to create Sunny Gang, a New Jersey punk-rap band whose debut album Party/Animal, out April 19, is the prefect blend of both genres's sonics and spirits. Think The Transplants meets Odd Future, but with a dash more social consciousness.

The album follows the wondering mind of your average "woke" twenty-something: from the mosh pit anthem "Soap Scum" with its call-and-answer chorus screeching out I'm not that drunk/ You're way to drunk; to the worldly-rebel convo on the train ride home on "Burn It Down" I'm a rebel out in Cairo with a scarf around his face/ I'm a slave somewhere in Haiti as Toussaint takes off his chains.


"Party/Animal is a sonic culmination of the successes and downfalls we've experienced as a band," the band told The FADER through email. "This record truly captures our grasp of melding genres to a point where it will get the hip hop heads to mosh, while keeping the punks grooving."

New Jersey’s Own Sunny Gang Premieres “Party/Animal”