Watch The Video For Grave School’s Emo Pop Earworm “Eugene, OR”

It’s being released as a standalone 7-inch from The Native Sound.

April 12, 2016

San Fernando Valley-based band Grave School are releasing a total emo pop earworm called "Eugene, OR" as a standalone 7-inch single on April 18, via The Native Sound. The catchy as hell song about flirty feelings turning into a solid bond comes from Grave School's debut self-titled EP, which dropped last November. Along with the release of the single's pressing, Grave School made a music video—in it, they get all up in a couple's personal space.


"'Eugene, OR' is about the beginnings of my current relationship," bassist and vocalist Marisa Shirar told The FADER in an email. "We had been friends for a while when we started to become closer by comforting one another after both us had just gotten out of previous relationships. Eventually, we developed feelings for one another and started dating soon after. We decided to keep quiet about it at first as it was still a bit sensitive considering how quickly it happened. This song is basically me convincing him that it was time to tell everyone we are together. "

Preorder the "Grave School" 7-inch here.

Photo credit: Danielle Parsons

Watch The Video For Grave School’s Emo Pop Earworm “Eugene, OR”