St. Vincent Is Writing And Directing A Horror Film

XX will contain exclusively female-directed segments.

April 12, 2016

Gather round children—closer, closer—and let me tell you of Annie Clark, who the townspeople know as St. Vincent, and her contribution to the horror anthology film XX.


The film will be released on Magnolia Pictures subsidiary Magnet Releasing and—don't sit on my bats!—is billed as “Four deadly tales by four killer women.” Clark will contribute one of the films, and Roxanne Benjamin of Southbound and V/H/S will produce her segment. A spoopy press release says “the directors [of XX] have been given free creative rein within budget and time constraints.”

Each of the films will star and be directed by a woman. Will this finally break the witch's curse...of a male-dominated horror film culture? We'll have to wait till the film's release date, which is still sealed in an ancient totem somewhere.

St. Vincent Is Writing And Directing A Horror Film