Grimes Discusses Music Industry Sexism In New Rolling Stone Interview

“’t's a pretty hostile environment.”

April 14, 2016

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Grimes was asked for her thoughts on the ongoing legal battle between Dr. Luke and Kesha, who is trying to exit her contract with the Kemosabe Records founder after accusing him of rape and emotional abuse.


The Art Angels musician deferred, saying “I don't know enough about the specifics of that situation, because it seems very complicated.” But she did offer her own experiences with sexism in the male-dominated music industry. “But I will say that I’ve been in numerous situations where male producers would literally be like, ‘We won’t finish the song unless you come back to my hotel room.’ If I was younger or in a more financially desperate situation, maybe I would have done that.”

Grimes suggested that this predatory behaviour is what keeps women out of the music business. “I don’t think there are few female producers because women aren’t interested. It’s difficult for women to get in. It’s a pretty hostile environment.” Kesha's legal arguments were recently rejected by the New York Supreme Court.

Grimes also says she's “halfway done” on a new album of “downtempo synthy shit.” However, she recently posted a “clarification” on Tumblr, spotted by Stereogum, saying that “there is no new music coming any time soon.”

Last year we spoke to thirteen established female artists about why there aren't more women in the industry. We also recently visited an introductory production workshop for women and talked to the students about what was holding them back.

Grimes Discusses Music Industry Sexism In New Rolling Stone Interview