Watch T-Pain’s Video For “Look At Me”

A new one for the T-Painiacs.

April 14, 2016

T-Pain's new visual comes with a caveat: "This entire video was filmed on a cell phone in a pitch black room... Enjoy this very well-lit, turd-quality selfie video." In the clip, a number of women take turns lip syncing the lyrics to the track. T-Pain pops back into the frame just in time for the vigorous chorus, demanding attention: Look at me!


The singer explained how the video came together in an email to Buzzfeed. "We shot the video in complete darkness with only a few cue points, such as the sparklers in the VIP section scene, so we didn't die trying to take a selfie lol." "This may very well be the most dangerous music video I've shot in a minute," he added. "I got kicked a few times. Fell once. Not my best moments."

Watch above.

Watch T-Pain’s Video For “Look At Me”