Your Friend’s “Gumption” Video Is A Chilling Journey Of Self-Discovery

The Kansas songwriter premieres an icy, meditative clip for her LP’s title track.

April 14, 2016

Taryn Miller is Your Friend, a singer-songwriter from Winfield, Kansas with a predilection for filling empty spaces with shaky, quivering melodies. Her soft guitar picking and warping synth work firmly ground us in familiarity, but also leave us in awe.


Today, Miller shares a new video for the title track off her first full-length, "Gumption." The clip is a disquieting journey of self-discovery during which Miller treks through snowy woods towards a burning car. She spots a body laying face-down and, rushing to help, she turns it over only to find her own face staring back.

"When I first heard this song I immediately had two images come into my mind," the video's director Dan Huiting told FADER over email. "One was a person trudging through the snow from overhead, and the second was an overhead shot of that person stopping in front of a burning car. There's something about fire that is so mesmerizing to me."

"I feel really fortunate to have worked with Dan," Miller added. "It was wild getting to see the fire footage after the fact since I was face down in the ice for those shots. It was painfully cold, but I would get hit with this wave of heat as the flames grew. It felt amazing in this strange way." Watch above; Gumption is out now on Domino.

Your Friend’s “Gumption” Video Is A Chilling Journey Of Self-Discovery