Watch Brandy’s “Beggin & Pleadin” Video

The singer shared a vintage clip for her new track.

April 15, 2016

"Most rappers are not in a space right now to be innovative or to be open to different shit," Andrew "Pop" Wansel told The FADER in 2014. "They want to chase what's on the radio... and that's just something that I’m not good at doing... I just love how other genres are open. It gives me room to exercise my strengths: musicality and melody and soul."


Pop helped produce Brandy's "Beggin And Pleadin," which came out in January and definitely doesn't sound like anything on the radio. The song is a stylish mix of old blues and modern programming, with a rugged, impressive vocal from Brandy. The retro clip takes its cue from the old-fashioned guitar line. Watch the Mike Ho-directed clip above.

Watch Brandy’s “Beggin & Pleadin” Video