Fly Down The Highway With Joker’s “Only You”

The producer shares another juggernaut.

April 15, 2016

Photo by @otis_brown

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According to Joker, putting his new track together was a painstaking process. "'Only you' was a track I started about a year and half ago and just left it," he explains to The FADER in an email. "Year and half later, I sat down high and thought, 'yea mans got this,' started adding the strings in, and went thru about 100 different brass sounds—still not happy lol, [did a] bit of arrangement and then mixed it until I hate myself."


The result is a commanding tune full of military-grade horns and a steamrolling beat. "To me the track sounds like flying down some motorway in a sick car," Joker adds. "All the street lights are low, like some Gran Turismo game, and just 'nuff neon lights."

"Only You" will appear on the four-track Phoenix EP. Listen below, and look for that on May 6.

Fly Down The Highway With Joker’s “Only You”