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This Video Proves Why PNL Are The Most Famous Rappers You Haven't Heard Of Yet

Watch the French brothers celebrate the milestone of a gold plaque in a brand-new video.

April 15, 2016

Without having ever granted an interview or actively promoted their brand of nihilist French trap music, the Parisian brothers that make up the duo PNL managed to earn a gold plaque for their 2015 album Le Monde Chico. (In France, that means 50,000 records sold). To celebrate the milestone, they've released a video for a new single"DA," an introspective track driven by a melancholy piano melody, over which they deliver comparisons to beloved cartoon characters like Mowgli and Simba like they're aggressive boasts.


PNL's ascent has largely been driven by organic social media interest in their videos, which are often shot in unexpected settings around the world—recent videos landed them in places as diverse as Namibia, Iceland, and Spain. "Each video is an event, anticipated like a new episode of a popular TV show that wisely keeps hold of all clues until the end," the French magazine Les Inrocks recently wrote. This time around, though, PNL are back home in Paris, symbolically splitting their time between a shiny terrace facing the Eiffel Tower and a courtyard in their south Paris suburb Corbeil-Essonnes, where they're surrounded by dozens of eager supporters and, inexplicably, a smiling chimp sitting atop a throne.

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This Video Proves Why PNL Are The Most Famous Rappers You Haven't Heard Of Yet