Nerve Leak Drops The Perfectly Sad “DR34M5”

It’s a synthy confession.

April 18, 2016
Nerve Leak Drops The Perfectly Sad “DR34M5” Robert Bredvad

Electronic producer and singer/songwriter, Nerve Leak channels love's tumultuous undertones on "DR34M5." He relies on honesty as he sings to his lover in clear falsettos over a an instrumental laced with tasteful trap influences. Despite his somber sentiments, the beat is an easy one to ride. It knocks just at the right times.


In an email to The FADER, Nerve Leak wrote:

"DR34M5" is about being caught up in the intimacy of a new love, but ultimately pulling away to mend unhealed wounds. I found myself falling for someone new, shortly after leaving an unhealthy relationship that really changed the lens through which I saw love. It was no longer this intoxicating, affirming experience. It felt full of stress, fear, and manipulation. I wrote the lyrics as a way of admitting that I shouldn’t give myself to someone new if I haven’t yet taken the time to re-learn who I am on my own. But it’s also about confessing that you can’t turn off feelings of lust, loneliness, and inner-conflict; it’s just the first step in trying to put yourself first."

Listen to the track below:

Nerve Leak Drops The Perfectly Sad “DR34M5”