London Artist BARLI Has A Cruel Summer In “Speechless”

The late-night love song tackles tough truths with a soft vocal.

April 19, 2016
London Artist BARLI Has A Cruel Summer In “Speechless” Photo by Mark Glenister

Londoner BARLI writes songs that feel anthemic, but sings them with the subdued sorrow of the dead of night. Her latest offering, "Speechless," is a surprisingly tough listen amid the lush strings and piano: They say I should move on, 'cause you're in love with her, BARLI whisper-sings on the chillingly pretty hook. Somehow, your name still leaves me speechless.


"This was written from a place of complete love and honesty," BARLI told The FADER over email. "When times are hard between two people in love, it's difficult to focus on the good things; the reasons and the way you fell for each other, the tiny things that become so enormous once that person is gone. When you are arguing about life all the tiny but great things about the two of like the conversations, Sundays, the jokes, the listening just get buried under insults and broken trust. Reminiscing over these moments keeps you up at night. You sometimes don't realise what a massive and vital part of your life they are until you see the void they leave when they have gone for good, and your space is taken by someone new." Listen to "Speechless" below, and buy it here.

London Artist BARLI Has A Cruel Summer In “Speechless”