Elijah Blake And Djemba Djemba Look For Love In Austin In “Whatever Happened” Video

A South By Southwest love story.

April 19, 2016

Elijah Blake's "Whatever Happened," produced by Djemba Djemba and featured on his recent mixtape Blueberry Vapors, is maybe probably the first love song we've ever heard that was written about a SXSW fling.


So the story goes: her name was Juliette and they met at a Future set. Their time together in Austin was paradise, and they went to Paris twice (or was it three times?). But then she was gone, and Blake is left to wonder, How's the college life working out for you? I was trying to get your passport stamped up, now there's three of you in the dorm room cramped up. Or in short, whatever happened?

The highly stylized video for "Whatever Happened," which premieres today on The FADER, finds Blake returning to Austin and grappling with that question. "I knew the video had to answer that question or at least translate that feeling into the visual, so we caught a flight to Austin last minute," he explained in a note to The FADER.

They visit the famous 6th Street and hitchhike out of town—and according to Blake, the whole thing was sort of off the cuff. "[We] basically guerilla'd our way through shooting this video—which was not an easy process with all craziness going on at that time. Definitely the most tasking music video journey I've embarked on to date."

Watch the video for "Whatever Happened" below, and cop Blueberry Vapors here.

Elijah Blake And Djemba Djemba Look For Love In Austin In “Whatever Happened” Video