Liana Bank$’s “LVLUP” Video Is All Swag And Noise

Up, up, up.

April 19, 2016

They told us to turn our swag down, down, down, so we made it even more loud, loud, loud, Liana Bank$ sings defiantly on "LVLUP," her barbed but wavy debut single. And today, she has delivered a video that proves this statement to be very much true. In the video, Bank$ attends a rowdy house party, rocks lit-up sneakers, and flexes on an escalator. Up, up, up, indeed.


"I wanted to shoot something natural and simple that embodied my lifestyle while catering to the message of the song. Something chill that would give people an idea of who I am" Bank$ explained in an email to The FADER about the video, which was shot between her home, a train station, and Times Square. "I think bells and whistles can sometimes mask the artist's identity, so we kept it very minimal. So here it is! Me and my friends, just chillin', being us, LVL'n UP. Enjoy."

Watch the video for Liana Bank$ debut single "LVLUP" above.

Liana Bank$’s “LVLUP” Video Is All Swag And Noise