Dos Global’s “GOLS” Video Combines The Matrix And Sports

“It’s a team effort to get to the goal.”

April 20, 2016

Having cut his teeth with The TRP and touring Japan with Father, future R&B singer and producer Dos Global is heavy at work on his debut EP Pr0gress1ve, which he expects to drop this summer. Premiering today on The FADER is a video for the first single off Pr0gress1ve, "GOLS."


"GOLS" is a song about achieving your life goals—I don't want to dream if it's not happening,—but Dos Global incorporates the title's alternative meaning by dribbling a soccer ball in the striking video, which was inspired by an iconic film scene. As he explained in a note to The FADER: "For the video, I was inspired from that scene in The Matrix when they are in that white room and Neo realizes the false reality that he’s been living in. I felt like that really fit with the song."

The fútbol thing is not totally random, though. "I threw a little soccer in there too, because it’s a team effort to get the goal," he continued. "And like anything, it's all or nothing."

Watch the striking video for "GOLS" above, and keep an eye out for Pr0gress1ve this summer.

Dos Global’s “GOLS” Video Combines The Matrix And Sports