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T.O.L.D. Embraces Solitude on “Master Of The Species”

Look at what you are, you could be a star

April 20, 2016
T.O.L.D. Embraces Solitude on “Master Of The Species” Hassan Rahim

T.O.L.D. sings about self-actualization on his new song, "Masters of the Species." In a slow melody, he lulls about the power in being alone and accepting things as they come. Towards the end of the song produced by Tom Biller, a gospel choir joins in and coats the track with warm vocals to bring the message home.


The FADER spoke to T.O.L.D. over email about the meaning of the song, who said it was about "coming to terms with the fact I don't have to fight against everything in order to have a fulfilled life. About learning to be alone first."

"If you made it out of the womb," he continued. "You are at the end of a long genetic battle for master of the species. You are the latest & greatest in a long tradition of human beings. And in a way, you've already won. I guess it's a slacker anthem."

T.O.L.D.'s album It's Not About The Witches is coming June 17.

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T.O.L.D. Embraces Solitude on “Master Of The Species”