Katy B Recruits MssingNo And Geeneus For “Water Rising”

“I can’t walk away from you crying.”

April 21, 2016

Katy B and MssingNo explained the process that led to “Water Rising” in an interview with The FADER earlier this year. “In this song I’m really damaged,” Katy noted. “It was from a real dark place.”


This depth was partially brought out by MssingNo’s instrumental. “Maybe when a beat is quite forward-thinking and innovative I delve deep,” the singer added. She praised the beat again on Instagram today. “MssngNo’s production is so futuristic,” she wrote. “I really feel like his music pushes boundaries and couldn’t wait to get into the studio with him. Geeneus also took the production even further and it was great to get to work with him on at least one song on this album. The story is all about breaking up with someone I thought I was going to be with for the rest of my life. That moment where we both realized it was over, beyond repair and I’m telling him I can’t walk away from you crying. I have to walk away from you strong because I have to finally believe I’m strong enough to be without you.”

Listen below.

Katy B Recruits MssingNo And Geeneus For “Water Rising”