Madeintyo Shares You Are Forgiven [Disc 2]

A collection of recent SoundCloud material and a couple new tracks from the Atlanta rapper.

April 26, 2016

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At The FADER FORT presented by Converse in March, Atlanta rapper Madeintyo announced a joint project with man-of-the-moment Metro Boomin. But before that sees the light of day, Madeintyo has decided to release a collection of SoundCloud looses, along with a few new tracks, entitled You Are Forgiven [Disc 2], a follow up to last year's EP of the same name. The second installment features popular one-offs from the last couple months like "Bool'n" and "need dat pack". Three new tracks are also featured - "Morning", "Lemon Peppers (Wet)", and "Spanish Jawn Outro" - each produced by K Swisha. Listen to You Are Forgiven [Disc 2] below.

Madeintyo Shares You Are Forgiven [Disc 2]